Sunday, October 26, 2008

Windows Update & other stuff

Another Sunday night, another feeling of the desire to withdraw from my latest MBA class. I'm doing my MBA online with UMUC. I have definitely learned management skills and critical thinking as well as discovering the wealth of information out there in online libraries. But I'm very angry this fall.

We received a note during the summer session that they were converting the program to four classes a year in order to allow students to complete their MBA in two years. My current marketing class is my first one compressed into 10 weeks versus 13 weeks. It is terrible. I am not learning much of anything this semester. I'm so overwhelmed by the workload. In one week, this is our list of tasks:

  • Personal application - short discussion of the marketing topic this week as it relates to my organization
  • Team project - complete the team work plan which involves team discussions
  • Individual paper - 6-7 page paper on new product for Sara Lee
  • Conference activity - participate in team discussions throughout the week

That was the SECOND week. I wrote a nasty note to the professor. How am I supposed to learn when there are these competing tasks?

And Windows Update picked this week to f*** my system. THIRTEEN updates one night made my desktop disappear. So, I have now been doing each update by itself. I am through four. And I have now experienced the BRONTAK.A virus. A Google search was not really that helpful.

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