Thursday, November 6, 2008


A few thoughts on this Thursday:

1) Why does the work week need to be 5 days? Two days to deal with the annoyances of the personal life is a little too light.

2) Golf - Why is it 18 holes? That is too long. Why can't it be 13?

3) Fire drills - This pretense that we're taught from early years - why do we pretend that a drill actually emulates real life? It clearly doesn't. If the fire alarm rang and it was NOT a drill, I have no idea what the F I would do. If you were actually confronted by the thought of death 30 floors up, what would you do? I DON'T KNOW. Flip out? Cry? Make a phone call to my husband & my mommy to say goodbye? Email my will to them? I DON'T KNOW. Yes, I have been under pressure before, but this level of life or death? No, I haven't. So, I don't know how useful the fire drill is. It clearly didn't come in handy for a lot of people in the World Trade Center on 9/11. According to friends of mine who worked on trading floors, they disregarded drills as unimportant.

4) Medicine that makes other things hurt, please end this - Side effects suck. I'm currently on Daypro for my foot. It's really tough on my stomach. I actually had worse cramps this morning than the contractions of Lily's labor.

5) Doctors who discount patients , start listening! - I get that the doctor wanted to go home that day. But I walked in there, with the assumption that I could schedule surgery that day. I've had bone spurs and neuromas (benign nerve tumors) on my foot off & on for the last 12 years. I have this weird feeling in my foot constantly when I put on socks or shoes - this numbness that will never be healed. I do not care that I will lose more feeling in my foot. You know why? Because my foot really fucking hurts. Let's see - no feeling in foot versus continual pain in, that's tough. Oh, let's add stomach destroying pain reliever to continual pain in foot - silly me, of course that's better than surgery! Umm, no. Since my old doctor has retired, I had found another practice here in Howard County. In 2005, that doctor gave me a cortisone shot & said, if you're willing to have surgery, that's probably what you should do, given that you understand the nerve loss. I left the office, thinking, right after I have the next kid, I'll have the foot surgery. But then came the breast cancer scare. And then came, uhh, no kid. So, I went to the practice and that cool doctor is gone. Now, a new doctor who wanted to leave asap. So, after the cruise, returning to the doctor and saying - surprisingly, that crap DIDN'T work. Shocking.

6) A new break from the Republican party for people like me - socially liberal, fiscally conservative. I'm against welfare, entitlements, farm subsidies, earmarks, et cetera. Although certain things don't exactly make me jump up & down for joy, I don't feel that I have the right to judge others. Although if you're stupid, I still reserve the right to judge & mock. While I'm very judgmental when I first meet people, I rarely let the first impression rule my actions. Preconceived notions bug me more than they used to. So, I voted for Obama - I actually let my social side overrule my pocketbook. I don't like the constant judging going on right now.

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