Thursday, October 16, 2008


Why do we so often hurry up, wait and then hurry up again? I blame it on our commutes.

Some context - my mom worked in Landover back in the day and it took her 45 minutes to get home to Gaithersburg. When there was a tractor trailer accident (which there was every month), it would take an hour and a half.

The only way it takes 45 minutes to get to Landover from G'burg now is on Sunday night at 10 PM. To go 5 miles in Columbia, I need to make sure I have 15 minutes - going from our place west of 29 to near 95. Traffic is so painful.

I recently thought of looking at a job in Wilmington. If I did that, I'd probably take the train from BWI to Wilmington. I have been in the train when there's been slow traffic ahead, so I won't pretend there aren't problems. But one of the positives I pondered was the idea that I could sit on the train for an hour and be productive. I could do homework, I could read a book, I could blog or I could get a coffee from the cafe. All of these things sound better than sitting in traffic on 395. I do listen to lots of audiobooks - is a lovely thing - so I do try to relax in my car. But driving is wearing on me (and my silly little stupid right foot) and I just wish...

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