Monday, October 13, 2008


I am confused as to why I started to work on my MBA. My husband is working toward partner at his firm, which takes some hours, and I have been the one with the more flexible job who can pick up Lil when necessary. I had been OK with that bfor a while. But I missed the challenges of work where I was constantly engaged & learning. So, I embarked on the path of the MBA.

Now, of course, I'm doing it online. But don't kid yourself if you're thinking about it - it's tough. Six credits a class - originally 13 weeks, now 10 - it is jampacked with activity. And I don't mean busy work. No, it's intellectual discussion in conference blogs, referencing additional research, team projects and research papers. And before you can do that, there is usually 100 pages of reading to do before being able to contribute in a meaningful way.

I realize that I chose this path. And for it to mean something & have value, it has to involve a great deal of effort. I also want Lil to see me working on something - Daddy works a lot and I want her to know that even though I'm not at work, I'm developing myself. She knows I work and I go to school. She tells people that I have homework. My battle sometimes is making sure I portray school as a positive, exciting endeavor. Learning does add to my life, it is just difficult to balance sometimes.

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