Sunday, January 10, 2016

Game of Tweens

No more emails from Gymboree. I officially unsubscribed from their list this week. I'd get the ads with the cute clothes and envision Lil in their wares.

But that's not her anymore. She wants to shop at Justice. I don't mind their clothes too much, but they're definitely not for little kids. Gone are the days I could choose her clothes. For the last couple of years, it's been a struggle. My mom had her over the New Year's weekend and offered to take her clothes shopping. I said YES, PLEASE! (Don't worry, I paid her back.)

After buying her new boots on Thursday, we wandered through the girls' section. Lil claimed that she needed to go to the juniors' department. We went there and as I knew, everything there was too big. So she challenged me on the return to the girls' side - find at least two items that would fit her. When I did, she added the extra obstacle of the items being things she liked. Sigh.

On New Year's Eve, she ordered a New York strip for lunch at the Greene Turtle. She didn't like it very much, as it's not really a steak place. But after ordering it, she said the hostess hadn't given us a children's menu.

I used to joke about her being closer to college than to birth. But this week, it didn't seem like a joke. It felt more like a tearjerker.