Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Started watching Daily Show

So, most of my friends know that I love Stephen Colbert. I love his witticisms - "If I had a quarter for everytime I said I had a nickel, I'd have FIVE times as much theoretical money."

But I started watching Jon Stewart the other day. Always liked him, less crazy than Bill Maher & less angry...although Jon's pretty angry. But he had a great interview with Tony Blair the other day. Jon had a question about politicians and their lack of identification with religion. It seems so important in the US, which is so ironic given the Establishment clause in the Bill of Rights. See, I always appreciate the British - Blair had a great statistic on the religousness of the US versus the UK and then Pakistan. The UK is totally more reserved about it (35%) while the US is about 65% into religion while Pakistan is 95%.

I appreciated Jon's ability to actually listen to Blair - it wasn't completely about being funny. He actually wanted to know the answers.

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