Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sad tonight

So, I'm a Republican in terms of fiscal concerns - the last few years with the "war on terrorism" not being cool. I call myself a liberal Republican.

Wow, I don't like Donna Brazile. They liked her speech because it was the same as the last few years - substance over style. But what has Barack Obama done? He went to law school. Yes. He was a community organizer. Yes. Any major accomplishments as a community organizer? Not that I've heard. Writing a couple of memoirs before 50? Yes, that's audaciously hopeful. I didn't hear Obama talk to that single mom, though. But this is my problem - single moms without healthcare are not best addressed at the federal level of a 300 million person country. These are local problems.

I like listening to him - he's an intelligent, thoughtful man. Don't know where that gets our country, though.

Now, McCain - I've supported him since 2000. He & Michael Steele are the only candidates I've ever donated to. I appreciated McCain's independence from the Republicans. I dislike the two party system we've been into since the 1800s. His choice of Palin has changed that.

And now that I have a forum - I need to correct something: the Republicans are the descendants of the Jeffersonian Democrats. Jefferson was afraid of any power being given to the federal government hence the Bill of Rights. The Federalists wanted to centralize the power at the federal level - i.e. eliminating the states' self-governance. This is not a judgment or attack against either way but people need to research their history. Jefferson = Republicans - he didn't want the federal government to interfere in local issues. Jefferson wanted states' rights - he was from the South, people!

And Roland Martin - community organizers are usually found in the large cities. What about the small towns that are suffering from plant closures, etc? Who helps them? So, I'm ok with Palin mocking his experience there. I'm still wondering what he actually did there.


Unknown said...

I consider myself independent. I lean toward the Republicans on the whole less government is better, but on social issues I lean towards the Democrats. I was initially ok with McCain, he wasn't afraid to fight against his party on some things, but as this process has gone on, I've become less happy with his views. He seems less likely to buck the system and it doesn't seem like he really wants to work to change anything from the past 8 years and we honestly need a change. Whether Obama can actually push through his changes remains to be seen since he will need the support of Congress, but at least I see him pushing new ideas or if not new then at least different from the standard. He brings a sense of hope and the possibility of something better, which I don't get from McCain at all. That may sound like an Obama commercial, but it's also true.

KirstyCat said...

I haven't seen any of Obama's changes made in the Senate, which bugs me. I feel like he's been running for President for so long. I disagree with some of his policies, but I'd like to see him implement more. McCain has some evidence of reaching across the aisle - i.e. the gang of 14 regarding judicial nominees. However, not voting for McCain.