Thursday, September 25, 2008

McDonald's visit

I took Lulu to McDonald's tonight for a quick McNugget fix. Before going, I asked her if she wanted 4 or 6. Evidently, she was hungry so she asked for 6. However, I didn't want to get her a happy meal since a) she doesn't need a toy, b) she hasn't been eating the fries lately & 3) we were headed home so I wasn't getting her milk that she'd only drink a tablespoon of before geting home.

Thus, I was planning to get a 6 piece McNugget...until he said the total was $2.39. Periodically, my CPA experience comes in handy. Let's see...4 piece on the Dollar Menu costs, uh, well, a dollar. With Maryland's happy little sales tax increase to 6% this year, that makes $1.06. So, if I order two 4 piece McNuggets, I think that totals $2.12. Why would I pay $2.39 for 6 nuggets when I can get 8? Really? Are most people who go to McDonald's that stupid? I'm guessing....

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