Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oakland Mills elections

Do you know what Saturday is? If you live in Columbia, I hope you do. Wilde Lake has already put up signs all over Twin Rivers promoting this weekend's elections and they don't even have a contested one this year! In fact, they need a fifth board member and info is at the above link.

Town Center didn't have a contested election either...Which means that I've been able to spend the past couple of months learning about my village board in preparation for my official term to begin next week.

My friends in Oakland Mills, however, have a VERY contested election. It's a stark contrast. People who make up lies about the other candidates and have been serving their current term with an unhealthy side of NIMBYism. Exhibit A: How do we get rid of the FARMS kids from the Oakland Mills schools?

Several good people - Bill Woodcock, Marcia White, Fred Eiland and Daniel Kirk-Davidoff - believe in an inclusive village. One that leverages existing spaces and works to build relationships not destroy them. Although I don't know Fred and Daniel personally, I do know Bill and Marcia.

I had the chance to walk three miles, I mean help out my friend Bill Woodcock and his slate as he canvassed the Stevens Forest area of Oakland Mills. I've known Bill for a few years now through the blogging community and he has great ideas for his village.

From the moment I met Marcia during last year's campaign season, I immediately liked her. Smart, generous and pragmatic. She also has a positive attitude toward the challenges facing the village. She builds relationships with people, she doesn't tear them down.

They both have been an avid supporter of small business in the Village Center. They have worked on Columbia Town Center issues, envisioning a more symbiotic relationship between our two villages. I appreciate their time and energy toward making Oakland Mills run more smoothly and without the rancor that have marked recent years' boards.

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