Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fresh starts

During my work on last year's campaign, I mainly used my voice for Tom and secondarily for other candidates on the Democratic ticket. I'm proud to say some of my friends won and sad to say some lost their elections in November. We've still got fall-out from some of those results, Exhibit A: Potentially unnecessary cuts to teaching staff from an odd budget that cuts people but adds technology. I would have looked for other sources or maybe added another $20 million in bonds. Investing in our schools has property and transfer tax returns, but anyway...

That is to say is that I had been representing others and not myself. Not anymore!

Although my term on the Board does not begin officially until May 1, 2015, the current Town Center Village Board has already welcomed me to its meetings and discussion - no voting, of course, but they have included me.

I look forward to working with this board over the next two years. Many issues - Inner Arbor, increasing awareness amongst residents, working with the county on Downtown Columbia development - have drawn me to want a seat at this table.

I have a lot to learn, but I should have more confidence in myself. As my daughter and husband often tell me, I have picked up a lot in the last few years about Columbia and Howard County. And I've made a lot of friends that are great resources to fill in my gaps!

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