Sunday, May 18, 2014

Whatcha doin' today?

As usual, this weekend is full of activities...political campaign events, Mother's Day reduxes, etc.  Forget about those! Preakness is over so that's not an option for today either...

Come visit me at the Inner Arbor Trust booth at Wine in the Woods. We'll be handing out water and showing people the Inner Arbor plan for Symphony Woods.

Lil is now a veteran water hander outer, having previously worked on the Clyde's 10K earlier this year.

My dear hubby somehow came up with the convenient excuse of a "partner" meeting in Dallas that begins tomorrow, but required him to leave our house around 6:30 AM today. Sketchy, huh?

Well, I guess I can forgive him, as he walked around Ellicott City yesterday in support of our friend Tom Coale to work on upcoming mailers for the campaign. Actually, we all had a great time & it was a lovely day to be out in historic Ellicott City, supporting local businesses like the Wine Bin and Johnny's on Main. The Wine Bin has an epic selection of Belgian beers, so Luke picked up a Chimay. Johnny's has AMAZING pizza. My steak & cheese was pretty good too.

Today looks a little chilly, but no rain is forecasted. I'm looking forward to seeing friends at WITW & trying out a couple new Maryland wineries after volunteering. Also, the food choices look great too! And Damon Foreman will be playing this afternoon.

Get out there Howard County! Enjoy the great outdoors with us!


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