Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Merry Month of May

Where has it gone? I have 2 days left of this month...

The end of May & the beginning of June are my least favorite times scheduling wise. School concerts, recitals, making sure all the forms are filled out for camp, etc. Lil has NINE baby teeth that need to come out before orthodontia can proceed. She's going to miss the last day of school because I scheduled surgery after early voting & before the regular primary. She just had her annual physical today - approximately TWO months after her birthday. At this rate, she'll be 19 when she gets her 18 year physical.

And now add to that working as Field Director for my friend Tom Coale's Campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates. I am loving it. My whole family is! OK, they might not be LOVING it, but they're having fun. I'm so glad to have them join me putting in signs, going to events & learning about the Howard County & Maryland political landscape. I went to a lovely HocoBlog party at Alexandra's at Turf Valley last night & enjoyed meeting new friends & catching up with old ones.

Life is full, I think the mortgage is paid & there is food in the fridge...Maybe we'll have time to eat it at some point!

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