Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Curse on Epcot

It rains periodically in Central Florida. Specifically when we visit Epcot Center.

When I was a kid, I hated Epcot. The area around Spaceship Earth, AKA the giant golf ball, sent me into paralysis. I don't remember the World Showcase that much except it seemed blah to me.

Discovering the different countries as a twenty-something made an impact, however. Maybe it was me learning French, going to Maryland, working in a multinational firm...I just seemed to engage in a way I hadn't before.

Oddly, Lils liked Epcot early on...she liked the supposedly emblematic costumes in each country and the different accents. Finding the Kidcot spots in the back corners of the pavilions was a special game for her. Meeting the cast members who are doing a stint in the US to work on their English, begin their careers or have an adventure is a special thing for me. They work so hard and have to deal with many nationalities - in front and behind the scenes.

Lunch & dinner in the countries are an adventure sometimes. We tried the Restaurant Marrakesh for lunch today and were entertained by Moroccan musicians and a belly dancer. Tonight, I spoke French with an Italian server and searched for the word "entre."

As always, the rain. We got to the Italian restaurant early and had prosciutto & wine in the wine cellar. It was just a drizzle at that point. When we finished our dinner, the Illuminations fireworks show began. Lil went out to watch and when I followed her, I got drenched. She didn't care and I didn't either.

Then we walked out of Epcot in the rain & of course, we were in one of the farthest spots from the entrance. The rain became a downpour as we reached the car.

Now we are watching the Long Ranger in our room with the balcony door open as the clouds empty. Lil's favorite way to finish a night at Disney is watching a movie while it storms.

Stay safe in the rain!

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