Saturday, March 7, 2015

The library is open!

Other parents may rant and rave about schools being closed with all this four-letter-word crap that has imprisoned us for several days this year...this month!

Admission: I have been suffering the DTs over my library not being open. It's been closed three or four days this week. On Sunday, I wanted to laugh it off as "We made such a mess at Evening in the Stacks" but it was only ONE branch. (And believe me, the amount of work done to transform Miller branch is monumental.) I had even had a thought on Saturday, faced with the impending ice storm, to see if I could borrow a book. Where would I have stored it? In my evening bag that could barely fit my phone? But I mentally slapped my wrist and realized that would seem CRAZY.

On Tuesday, I picked up my requests, figuring they would tide me over. Not so much.

A book for Lil.

An audiobook - Wolf Hall - because the BBC has produced a version of this amazing book with Damian Lewis and Luke needs to refresh his memory for the PBS airing in the spring. He commutes to McLean, VA most days so he can get through a book lickety-split on his drive. In paper, it would take a month of Sundays, which he usually works on these days, so audio is a winner!

A book for me. I felt rejuvenated to explore a new author. Alas, it was so hard to follow and seems to be based on a cheating scandal about the West Ham football club. I rarely give up on a book, but I couldn't do it.

I had thirty pages in The Outcast to go and no good book to anticipate.

Howard County notified parents of Friday's closure on Thursday at 6:30 PM. I was distressed, yes. Annoyed, perplexed, etc.

The library notified us at 9:31 PM that they'd remain closed Friday as well.

And I began to wish that I had browsed the stacks that fun evening in the stacks.

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