Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I got yelled at today. It was 10:35 AM in the Columbia Athletic Club parking lot. No, I wasn't driving. (Full disclosure: I do drive offensively...)

When I woke up and found out schools were in a two-hour delay, I thought, Oh well, my ankle's hurting and I shouldn't take that class I've missed for 3 weeks. Looking for excuses.

I got the kiddo off to school & drove helter-skelter to the gym. But I was still giving myself an excuse - given the January resolvers, I wouldn't be able to find a space.

Oh, shoot, I found a space but kinda far away from the door. And it's POURING icy rain. And I have a rule that I bring my umbrella into the gym in my bag so it stays dry. Because my hair before exercising does not require protection.

So I jogged. I dodged the raindrops. I avoided the snow. As I ran, a woman yelled at me - it's raining, it's slippery.

I heard her but I thought - I'm in control. I'm looking where I step, but I need to get somewhere. I've assessed the risk and I'm taking it. careful out there, my friends!

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