Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happiness is...

There's a happiness challenge going round, and rather than pity myself for not being a cool kid, I'll just do it anyway.

I'm happy for a lot of reasons.

My daughter got her ears pierced, overcoming her anxiety, and chose beautiful blue green flower earrings. With her braces color coordinated, for now, she looks totes adorbs.

She has 2 weeks off from ballet, which I think is good and we all need. Her studio is awesome, but a little break to settle into the new school year is a good idea.

I get to watch Luke play cricket next week. He's jolly good for a beginner!

I'm exploring the political world & meeting really smart, funny, hard-working people. I'm learning a ton & I often encounter new situations. But I'm thinking on my feet pretty well.

I reconnected to one of my favorite professors from Maryland on the campaign trail. He taught me how to say my name...and I use it all the time. It's not kristin like Christian, it's not kir like the cocktail, it's cur like curse. (The last one may be slightly off, but you get the gist.) He hosted a study group where we sat around reading Chaucer in Middle English. So, actually, could be my fave prof outright!

And there's Disney...every morning Derby perches on the counter waiting for me to turn on the faucet. Disney, being a fearless kitten, has become fascinated with water. He tries to catch, he puts his head under the sink and makes a nuisance of himself to me & Derby. So Beckham has decided to join as well, so now I've got 3 cats on a double sink counter while I'm brushing my teeth. Which was my excuse to the hygienist today as to why I don't brush really well!

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