Thursday, March 20, 2014

The engagement

So I may have lost my engagement ring...

So if I get another, I want the proposal to happen again.

Luke & I decided we'd get married in December 2000. So the question was the engagement. Where, what, etc? We looked at rings, I had some ideas, he had some. I knew it would happen, but when? Where? How?

We headed to the Outer Banks for our first vacation together in June 1999. Luke & I had been dating for about 9 months. We didn't have enough money to rent a gorgeous oceanside home, so we were practical and headed to the Holiday Inn.

Luke had never been to the Outer Banks. I'd been a few times before so he asked my thoughts on a "nice" restaurant. I rolled my eyes and said, C'mon, it's the beach. Everything's pretty casual. But he persisted so we searched the Internet for well-rated wine places.

The first slot was 1587. I'd never actually gone to Manteo so it seemed like a cool spot. And it was lovely. It was mid-June and there was a little shower so we watched the rain hitting the boats in the marina. We arrived early & Luke asked for a scotch or whisky, only to learn that the island is dry. So we were a little nervous things might go a-rye (sorry for the whisky pun).

I ordered a chicken tortilla soup that arrived beautifully - lovely decorated bowl and awesome to partake. Luke had a risotto that has been our benchmark ever since.

Time out- We've finished dinner & I excuse myself to use the loo. When I return, I stop by the Tranquil House's desk & inquire about rates for an overnight stay. It's a bit more than the Holiday Inn, but we might be able to splurge. So when I return to the table, I mention it to Luke. He's interested, but kinda blah about it.

And then I do the Kirsten thing. I promised myself in the loo that I was NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING. DON'T BRING IT UP. Queen of no will power. So I say, "I kinda thought you were going to propose tonight." Luke looks totally taken aback & apologizes. "Oh, I'm sorry you thought that." I get redder than my hair. I look out toward the marina where it's gently raining & I want to run out there. Anywhere but here...

Luke says "How long should I let you stew?"

Pretty much the most romantic words ever...and he said "Will you marry me?"

And I got the engagement ring that had been traveling around in my car's spare tire area for a month. Staying at the Tranquil House Inn - umm, yeah! Of course, because that's where we're getting engaged.

A guy who put one over on me, called me on my answer was obviously yes.

So that's what my ring means to me. Chicken tortilla soup, rain at the marina, a guy who calls my bluff. My engagement ring means more to me than my wedding band. Because that's when we really made the commitment.

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