Saturday, June 29, 2013

Information *under*sharing

As I picked up my daughter from Drama Camp on Friday, the counselor gave me a sheet and said this sheet replaces everything that went out in the parents' meeting and the follow-up email.

Oh, really?

Let's step back a few months...

During the early spring, parents (moms, mostly) try to figure out how to occupy their young'uns during the long "When does school start again?" hot summer. We plan with poster size calendars for the 3 months on our hands and knees, armed with colored pencils, large erasers and camp catalogs spread out on the floor. Well, maybe not poster size calendars, but I do find the scheduling sheet in the Columbia Association catalog VERY helpful. Some people choose full summer-long camps to make it easier and provide consistency and stability for themselves and their children. That's not how Lil & I roll - we see tons of opportunities and choices and like to experiment.

After we figure out the calendar, I begin registration...deposits, forms, blood donations, etc. I read & re-read information packets so I have an idea of what to expect. I am like a Bounty paper towel when it comes to sponging up this kinda junk. In college, when the course schedule/catalog would be released at Maryland, I'd find a quiet spot in Cole Field House to absorb the possibilities.

Details, I WANT details, which I was already late to because despite having paid & registered months ago...I had gotten nothing. I began to have a feeling that something was wrong. And yes, they had lost the registration (although NOT my money surprisingly). They said they'd had an IT problem...and it had happened to at least one other child. They were about an hour away from Luke opening up a can of *** on them. But my can seemed to work and I was ensured everything was fine & I got the camp packet! Hurray!

So when this camp had a parents' meeting on the 2nd day, I sat there hoping for loads of really useful information! Well, no...

Some moms had sent their moms. That's fine. But then they should educate themselves and not ask questions that have already been addressed, i.e. times for the show. It's like showing up late for a meeting & expecting it to be restarted. Not acceptable.

But I didn't learn much at the parent meeting besides "Your kid needs a white shirt to tie-dye" because that'll be the costume. So I looked at Macy's, no luck there unless I wanted to buy 3 boys' undershirts. I figured I'd check Target later in the week. Good thing I waited...

Because in addition to the tie-dyeable shirt, the list NOW includes ANOTHER white shirt, black pants/capris AND bright pants/capris. Do you know how hard it is to find plain white shirts? So, they have sparkles on them and that'll just have to work.

But my point is - they've DONE THIS BEFORE. This ain't the first summer they've held camp. Could they not have told us white t-shirts & black pants are often needed? Back in March, when I registered? And also, to let people know that not only are they paying the $$$ for camp, additional supplies/materials will be necessary?

Do I need to pay someone to listen in on their phone calls and check their emails so I can get a few days' notice before slogging through summer clearance at Target?  Paging Edward Snowden...



Jessie said...

Ah, spoken like a Virgo. And a GenX Virgo, no less. One of the most effective thing any business catering to the 30-50 year-olds of today can do is to get their systems straight and their knowledge/info accurate, available and online. #SezMe

KirstyCat said...

I know, right? Oh, you know me so well!