Sunday, December 6, 2009

I miss London. A city where you walk so much - a city where people do not complain.

One thing I noticed the most was that no one was obsessed with swine flu - no hand sanitizer, no masks. I returned to America recognizing the frantic nature of the country - and I wish it was not.

When I go to the gym, so many people are wiping the equipment with antibacterial wipes all the time. Really? How many people get terribly infected with viruses from the gym? It's silly. I wash my hands at least a dozen times a day.

I have 3 cats. Some would argue that pets are dirty & infecting. But so strange, my cats are NEVER sick - why is that? My animals are cleaner than my kindergartener. We constantly have to tell her to not do something because she's getting germs on her. And knowing how dirty this world is, I try to avoid yucky things - Lil doesn't get it. So I'll continue to yell at her for touching every tangible item in the restroom...

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