Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking a breath

This winter has been difficult for me. But I am now more than halfway through my MBA program. Even talking about it, though, makes my heart start palpitating. My doctor says it's panic attacks, but if one isn't exactly stressed, why does it happen?

My favorite time is in the car, listening to a good book on my iPod. I adore historical mysteries preferably set in England. I did my history degree thesis on the evolution of the British constitutional monarchy, so I have a thing for England.

Right now, I am listening to C. J. Sansom's Dark Fire. I have always assumed my obsession with history is an escapist one. Although thrillers set in current day do envelope me, the idea of being in a world less like this one interests me. When things were simpler and we didn't spend hours in our cars...

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